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A prayer

Dicembre 8th, 2014
A PRAYER TESTO DELLA CANZONE: It's crazy how slow it goes, when you're waiting for something more To warm you up when you feel cold, to calm you down and bring peace to your soul It's funny how fast it goes, love comes right when you don't wait… continua »


Dicembre 8th, 2014
INTERLUDE TESTO DELLA CANZONE: I wake up in the morning sun I work 'til I'm done I never look at the clock I'm living out of time in my cocoon smooth like water running down my throat days slide away drawing signs I look ahead and back… continua »


Dicembre 8th, 2014
STRANGER TESTO DELLA CANZONE: Stranger you look so different Some other thoughts fill up your mind And you just made it happen Got me thinking 'bout you in my life And now I hope that my wish's not too weak I hope that my will is enough enough… continua »


Dicembre 8th, 2014
YASHAL TESTO DELLA CANZONE: I've tried and I've tried to forget about you Just little lies for myself And you.. you were innocent and true as can be, And now you are not here with me I've tried and I've tried to forget about you Just little… continua »

The marriage

Dicembre 8th, 2014
THE MARRIAGE Traccia contenuta nell'album del 1997 Pipes e Flowers. TESTO DELLA CANZONE: This is the marriage of silence and love here is the temple where I come to learn here are the eternal little things that I always loved here are all my… continua »