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Categoria: "Pearl days"

I know

Dicembre 8th, 2014
I KNOW TESTO DELLA CANZONE: Tell me about the place you're from Tell me about the things you've done Tell me what you really need Tell me what just makes you bleed Cause' sometimes I can't be myself I can't Feel inside what people say So I… continua »

In the green

Dicembre 8th, 2014
IN THE GREEN TESTO DELLA CANZONE: Just like Queens, the leaves move gently as their shadows obey with natural synchronism Would they mind me? If they knew that I'm here watching and I am wishing I could dance like them oh oh And now they… continua »

City lights

Dicembre 8th, 2014
CITY LIGHTS TESTO DELLA CANZONE: Get back on the road Turn those headlights on You know it's still dark And a long way to your home Come on don't give up You've got to hold on You'll know what to do if you'll know what you want Go through… continua »

Written in your eyes

Dicembre 8th, 2014
WRITTEN IN YOUR EYES TESTO DELLA CANZONE: Strange how we're both talking It seems like we're just saying nothing And in the meanwhile we're both hoping In the meanwhile we both know That this way we're just gonna. Fall down, down, low, down,… continua »


Dicembre 8th, 2014
JOY TESTO DELLA CANZONE: We'll walk all the way down this road We'll hold each other's hand We'll watch all the colors and their fades And sometimes we'll swallow discomfort to be happy Love is all, all we want A shower of pure joy For a… continua »